Passion And Solidarity Union: Alex Cassano and Mattia Villardita In: Become A Superhero, Join Spiderman

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Alex Cassano: The Icon of Personalized Fitness

Alex Cassano, Coach and ICF (International Coaching Federation) NLP Coach, National renowned Personal Trainer of FIF (Italian Fitness Federation), is revolutionizing the fitness world with his unique and personalized coaching approach. With two already established studios in Italy focused on the AC UNIVERSE method, between February and March 2024, he will open the third coaching studio “BODY IMPACT.” Cassano will introduce a completely innovative CONCEPT where the perfect synergy between biomechanics and advanced technology will take center stage in a journey supporting the client in a unique experience towards the set goal.

Alex emphasizes: Change and evolution in training methods are important, but without shortcuts. It is crucial not to overlook the importance of correct technique and a personalized, intense, and well-structured training program.

Cassano’s coaching process is meticulous and customer-oriented. After a detailed initial session where the goal is established, the client undergoes a bioimpedance.

analysis of their body composition by a biotechnologist nutritionist from the team. Subsequently, with a multidisciplinary approach, the client receives a personalized nutritional program and a physical assessment related to a careful visit by the osteopath and massage therapist. With over fifteen years of experience, Cassano has solidified his position in the market with a high-profile clientele, distinguishing himself for his professionalism, seriousness, and dedication to clients, thanks to his team, always ready and available to meet any need.

Mattia Villardita: The Hero in Pediatric Wards

Mattia Villardita, terminal operator at the port of Vado Ligure, has captured the hearts of many people with his mission to bring joy to pediatric wards in Liguria since 2018, and now worldwide. In 2021, he was awarded the title of Knight of the Republic by President Mattarella for his humanitarian commitment and continues to dedicate himself to charitable initiatives.

The Connection between Cassano and Villardita

Alex Cassano and Mattia Villardita, after a successful meeting during an event in Parma, join forces for a new charity project. The event, titled “Become a superhero, join Spiderman,” will take place in Lugano, Switzerland, and will feature the participation of other distinguished figures such as Alessandro Bressan (Director of the Pediatric Institute of Swiss-Italian and member of the general management of EOC Canton Hospital Authority) and Luciano Anselmi (President of the Sick Child Foundation). Donations made during the event will be allocated to the Foundation for Sick Children of Italian Switzerland.

A Connection with Switzerland and a Dream for the Future

It’s not the first time Alex Cassano steps into his beloved Switzerland, thanks to his extensive clientele in the country and appreciation for its tradition. Cassano hopes to one day combine his passion for personalized fitness with Swiss culture by opening a studio here. The charity event in Lugano is just another step towards realizing this dream, demonstrating that passion and solidarity can truly change the world, one set of weights at a time.

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