Ella V Is The Personification Of Graceful Entrepreneurship

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The power of manifestation is a sacred tool that develops first within the soul, then reflects outward into the world as a dream brought to life. Co-creating with the universe is a skill that takes many years to thoughtfully shape, and Ella V. has mastered the art of understanding how her innermost desires can be used to bring beauty into the world around her. Ella is the multifaceted founder of California hotspot, VGlow Beauty Bar – a wellness spa awarded for therapeutic facial treatments that restore the alchemy of skin. ,“When V-Glow was in its beginning stages of formation, I envisioned our philosophy holistically reflecting that authentic beauty blossoms from within,” shared Ella, “Every person has a soul that is always in continuous evolution. At V-Glow, we honor that, and seek to provide services that make guests feel empowered in their unique skin.”

V-Glow Beauty Bar lives on the coast of California at 1525 Mesa Verde Dr. E, Suite 113. Clients voyage to Costa Mesa to visit the admired wellness spa from neighboring counties and cities, feeling rest assured that the signature facial treatments they receive are tailored to their individual skin types. Advanced skincare procedures offered at the spa include micro-needling performed by the  SkinPen Micro-needling device – the first FDA approved Micro-needling instrument of its kind. ,“At V-Glow, we also perform gentle chemical peels, and prepare rejuvenating laser therapies for skin resurfacing and tightening,” expressed Ella, “Our services incorporate cutting-edge technology, and cruelty-free ingredients sourced from diverse cultures across the globe.”

In California, V-Glow Beauty Bar thrives on The Golden State’s diverse population, progressive mindset, and emphasis on health and wellness. The vibrant culture of Costa Mesa provides an ideal platform for the wellness spa to flourish as a pillar of motivation for women. , “At V-Glow, we believe that beauty-encompassing services should be performed with professionalism, empathy, and precision,” conveyed Ella ,“Our spa’s leadership is based upon absorbing our clients’ desires for their ever-evolving spirit, providing personalized recommendations, maintaining a spiritually-inviting environment, and following up with each and every guest to ensure satisfaction.” Through its intentional approach of promoting self-love, self-care, and self-empowerment; client testimonials spotlight that each experience at V-Glow has guided them towards pursuing radiating confidence with new bursts of courage. Ella’s heartfelt advice for women seeking to live out a soul-enriching life is to: fall in love with self-care, cultivate meaningful connections, learn about your passions, and embrace gratitude. ,“Sometimes, we must humbly recognize the things we already have within us, and around us, before we ask the universe for the things we want. Form a relationship with the world around you as you journey through taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. A connection to the earth is essential for overall happiness and fulfillment.”

Ella V, who is also a licensed esthetician, draws inspiration from like-minded entrepreneur’s that prioritize inclusivity, innovation, and effectiveness in their skincare offerings. ,“I am overjoyed to be a part of a loving community with other female entrepreneurs; their creativity ignites my mind, and we all fill each other with conviction,” said Ella, “My vision for the legacy of V-Glow  is to establish it as the California wellness destination that redefined beauty standards – where everyone who ever came felt valued and understood. Our skin tells the story of our lives, and V-Glow recognizes that coming into contact with such a delicate piece of someone’s identity is an angelic act. I want for V-Glow to be remembered as a pioneer of holistic skincare – leaving  a lasting impact on the industry and positively influencing perceptions of self-care.” V-Glow Beauty Bar upholds the best standards of beauty and skin nourishment through the prioritization of sourcing supreme ingredients, following evidence-based practices, and providing ongoing education for the expertly formed staff. ,“We stay updated on the latest advancements in skincare,” communicated Ella ,“We adhere to strict protocols to ensure safety and maximal restoration in every treatment we offer.”

In Ella’s personal life, sharing time with family, practicing mindfulness, and connecting with the world brings her an abundance of peace. ,“Each day, I take a few sacral moments to pause, breathe, and appreciate the beauty around me. Understanding how to embody gratitude is a virtue that has centered me, and brought me closer into alignment with my purpose.”

Discover the radiance that dwells within you at V-Glow Beauty Bar in Costa Mesa, California


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