The Future Is NOW PR: Tash Greizen Dominating As Global PR CEO

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In the sun-kissed luxury of Beverly Hills resides PR mogul Tash Greizen, founder and CEO of NOW MEDIA. Tash is the mastermind orchestrator behind the symphony of partnerships known as NOW PR LA, SKY PRODUCTIONS, and NOW MAGAZINE LOS ANGELES. The PR prowess carved her name into the entertainment industry in 2012, reigning over the ranks of media strategy expertise for over a decade.

Under Tash’s leadership, NOW PR has perfected the art of brand elevation, standing as the perfect intersection of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and global events that echo the world’s ever-changing landscape. With offices sprinkled across LA and Las Vegas, NOW PR exceeds the bounds of a typical public relations agency – Tash’s internal network of influence oversteps geographical boundaries. Emerging triumphant as the premiere destination for brands seeking global recognition, Tash’s distinguished clientele operate across professional sports, public law, and enterprise hospitality. NOW PR gains more magnetic force as it welcomes new clients, iconic athletes and celebrated figures alike.

Whether the team at NOWPR is crafting brand presentation strategies, or forging media – the Beverly Hills based agency sets the gold standard for excellence in the media communications industry. However, Tash’s influence extends beyond the confines of her PR empire; her insights about the media landscape have graced the pages of renowned publications including VOGUE, FORBES, HARPER’S BAZAAR, and GRAZIA.

As the daughter of a connoisseur of estate jewelry, Tash’s experiences in the world of PR have been greatly influenced by her upbringing. “My mother collected estate jewelry when I was growing up,” revealed Greizen. “Each piece she gathered was a uniquely wonderful work of Old-World, European design. Since my earliest moments of feeling curiosity, I was inspired by my mother’s passionate eye for jewelry.” It was this understanding of design and storytelling that set the foundation for Tash’s approach to running NOW PR: “My life has taught me how to authentically grasp the story and see through the surface layers. I develop the voice of who is delivering the message, bringing brands to life with swiftness. There’s an eternal designer and creator within me.”

Since the inception of NOW MEDIA in 2012, Greizen has remained loyal to her core philosophies as both a soul and dynamic business woman. Since the beginning of her career, Tash has operated under the principle of empowering women through career vigor. ,“NOW PR is stitched together by women who are selfless mothers, hard-working visionaries, and creative geniuses. Being surrounded by brave women who chase after their dreams, regardless of opinions – it makes my life exciting. It makes the world NOW PR’s playground.” For years, Tash has represented female clients forging their own path, guiding them through the pathways of achieving optimal brand recognition.

As NOW PR continues to expand globally, with plans to open a new office in New York, Tash remains committed to pioneering the PR standard of tomorrow. The future is NOW PR: buckle up for a ride through the realms of elegance, splendor, and ever-living serenity.

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