Garth Garcia: Businessman, Breakout Artist, and Creative Genius

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Taking Los Angeles by storm with his record label and new EP release, Garth Garcia aims to reclaim his place at the top of streaming charts.Garth Garcia is a Filipino American artist specializing in soothing bilingual serenades and catchy pop tunes. Gaining an array of awards under his belt from Best Male R&B Artist bestowed by the PMPC Star Awards to being named one of the 75 most influential Filipino Americans, he is ready to re-enter the spotlight and unleash his artistry.

Although the artist’s music industry experience doesn’t stop there. Garcia owns STARLINK, an international record label with eight artists signed to it. The signed artists include Tootsie Guevarra, a prolific Filipino artist whom he has a featured song with. Garcia recently dropped his latest EP titled “Lifelines” which includes new tunes such as “Mistaken Love” and “Kiss Me Goodnight” to previous fan favorites such as “Always in my head” — a song that reached the #1 spot on iTunes’s Electronic Music Charts in October of 2023. Between his consistent lovesick music style to smooth vocals, Garcia seeks to top the charts once more through his new innovative EP and Filipino flare.

According to Garcia, his cultural roots run deep and are a large source of ideation and inspiration for his music. Having grown up around the sounds of jazz and a blasting record player, music has always surrounded him and filled his creative mind at an early age. “I grew up admiring The Stylistics,” Garcia said to NOW Magazine, “Their song “You Make Me Feel Brand New” is beautifully produced on all aspects.”

Garcia eventually moved out to Los Angeles to pursue his music career and his dreams of collaborating with other recording artists. Working throughout the entertainment industry, Garcia also hosted events and teamed up with various brands to encase himself in the L.A. media landscape. Reminiscent of his home country, the Philippines, Gracia draws inspiration from and seeks to collaborate with fellow Filipino artists Bruno Mars and H.E.R. Also with various songs sung in Tagalog from his own discography, it is clear Filipino representation and storytelling is an important model for Garcia’s lyrics.

“I am inspired by the musicians that have brought the Philippines honor and soul,” Garcia said, “I draw so much pride in being inspired by Bruno Mars’ music, as well as H.E.R.’s. It is definitely a dream of mine to collaborate with both artists: what they symbolize to me and our country is beyond legendary.”

Aside from music, Garcia is focused on his education and new innovative projects to help those in need. Garcia is involved with and helps lead the Doctors on the Go Professional Group, a service which provides medical attention in the homes of patients. The artist is also pursuing a degree in Business and attending Harvard Business School’s leadership development program.

Recently, Garcia has completed a monumental step in his career after finishing a tour with “THE MUSIC OF ABBA,” and is ready to begin performing his latest EP release. For those wanting a taste of soul music, loving lyrics, and Filipino excellence, be sure to check out Garth Garcia and see when he might be stopping by your city for a performance next.

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