Entrepreneurial and Social Initiative, LiveMana, Sets Out to Catalyze Positive Change

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A new venture called LiveMana has launched, featuring the combined efforts of five founders – Axel M. Tabellini, Lucas M. Tabellini, Manuela Murselaj, Faouzi Ghoulam, and Kalidou Koulibaly. This initiative stands at the intersection of entrepreneurship and social issues, targeting positive societal change.

The founders of LiveMana are bound by their mutual interests in sports, luxury, lifestyle, and social affairs. They aim to bring about beneficial societal transformation by fostering inclusivity, nurturing creativity, and promoting social development. The unique blend of the founders’ diverse experiences and expertise is expected to stimulate progress through entrepreneurial and social projects.

LiveMana is set to identify and invest in innovative business and social endeavors that resonate with the founders’ shared values and objectives. A key part of their agenda involves contributing to environmental sustainability and economic development. The initiative has a special focus on Africa, acknowledging the region’s immense untapped potential and the importance of focused investment and support.

Lucas M. Tabellini, one of the founders, states that by integrating their varied experiences and skills, they hope to leave a positive imprint on the world through their entrepreneurial and social ventures. They are resolved to invest in ventures that are both profitable and meaningful, hence facilitating sustainable growth and positive change.

True to these values, the founders already own a gold mining business in Africa, a cybersecurity company focused on government and enterprises, an energy drink firm, and a supplement company. All of these enterprises are based on a sustainable model.

One of LiveMana’s recent ventures is the “Manamauri” energy drink company, launched last year and currently growing in the African market. Axel M. Tabellini, another founder, asserts that their aspiration extends beyond merely selling products in Africa. Their goal is to have a multifaceted impact – business, social, and humanitarian.

LiveMana aspires to enhance daily life by offering quality, meaningful products founded on ethical values and an aspirational attitude. The initiative will prioritize businesses and social ventures that could significantly influence areas like environmental sustainability and economic development.

Soon, LiveMana will unveil a new fashion line as a part of its mission. This will embody their values of inclusivity and creativity, providing a wide array of affordable attire for different occasions. The aim is to inspire individuals to feel positive and confident without having to splurge.

Manuela Murselaj, a founder of LiveMana, explains that their objective is to create an ecosystem of inclusive, creative, and positive brands. They are hopeful that their fashion line will reflect these values.

LiveMana intends to cooperate with individuals and organizations that align with their values, with a strong emphasis on respect for nature and diversity. They hope that by collaborating, they can generate shared value and contribute to a better world.

For more information about LiveMana and its upcoming fashion line, visit their official website at www.livemana.info.