Celebrity Entrepreneur Louise George Unveils Manifestation FREQ, Blending Artistry With Business Mastery

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In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship and personal development, Louise George stands out as a multi-talented and passionate creative force. With over two decades of experience as an actor and broadcaster and more than 15 years as an entrepreneur, Louise is a powerhouse of inspiration and transformation.

At the heart of Louise’s journey is Manifestation FREQ, a platform where manifestation meets business coaching for entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives. As the founder, Louise integrates her diverse expertise, spanning acting, entrepreneurship, and transformational coaching, to create a unique blend of programs designed to empower individuals to achieve their highest expression and live their best lives.

With a rich background in acting and broadcasting that spans over two decades, Louise brings a unique perspective to her coaching and entrepreneurial endeavors. Currently working on her first screenplay for a TV series, she continues to harness her creativity in multiple forms, emphasizing the importance of conscious creation and inner mastery in her teachings.

Having been an entrepreneur for over 15 years, Louise George has honed her skills in the business world. Her journey has equipped her with valuable insights into the intricacies of entrepreneurship, making her a seasoned guide for those looking to navigate the challenges of building and growing successful ventures.

As a transformational speaker and certified coach for over a decade, Louise specializes in various modalities, including mBIT (multi-Brain Integration), meditation, self-concept and law of assumption, neuroscience, and transformational coaching. These elements are intricately woven into her Manifestation FREQ programs, creating a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Louise George is a global leader in hosting international workshops, talks, retreats, and training sessions. Her ability to connect with audiences on a profound level has made her a sought-after speaker and coach, with a mission to inspire and support others in becoming their highest expression.

For those seeking regular inspiration, Louise’s podcast offers weekly conversations about manifestation and business. Additionally, her upcoming book, “MANIFESTATION Freq – Manifestation isn’t magic, it’s a FREQuency,” promises to be a valuable resource for individuals looking to understand and harness the power of manifestation in their lives.

To learn more about Louise George and explore opportunities to work with her, visit her website lougeorge.co. Stay connected with Louise on social media by following her @iamlougeorge.

In a world where manifestation meets business, Louise George emerges as a beacon of guidance, offering a transformative journey towards conscious creation, inner mastery, and soul-aligned success.

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