Setting Trends For 2024 With 13DE MARZO

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With the new year already underway, fashion trends are sure to change as new influences are at an all time high. Considering the fashion industry is constantly changing, 13DE MARZO is already prepared to change with the evolution of trends by analyzing the movement of the times, delving deep into the current generation’s consumer pain points, analyzing market directions, along with consumer demands. By doing so, 13DE MARZO is looking to further their collaborations with other brands, create custom pieces, and participate in fashion weeks during 2024.

Known for its renowned fusion of contemporary style and craftsmanship, each piece offers the perfect balance between streetwear and elegance with their personal touch of the infamous stuffed animals placed on each piece of clothing. However, although originally made to be a clothing brand, 13DE MARZO is anticipating opportunities to establish collaborations with multiple internationally renowned brands that will showcase other innovative categories, not just fashion products. Some brands that will be collaborating with 13DE MARZO this year include THERMOS, Lay’s, Fujiya, CASETiFY, VANS, and more, expanding beyond the realm of clothing pieces to explore more possibilities for the brand by enhancing their exposure and influence. Furthermore, while the brand’s popularity and influence has continued to grow exponentially, it has become widely sought after by many celebrity trendsettings like Charli D’Amelio, Lilly Singh, Bretman Rock, Park Chanyeol, Suzy, TaeYeon, Cierra Ramirez, and more. With all of these collaborations and celebrity brand wearers, 13DE MARZO continues to grow, gradually becoming a trendsetter for young individuals.

Among new products that are heavily anticipated this year, 13DE MARZO has confirmed that they will also begin to make custom pieces in the future. Custom clothing allows for individuals to apply their own ideas to the brands that they love by also having an authentic, one-of-a-kind piece that will quickly become a statement. 13DE MARZO will provide personalized high-end customization services in the coming year to allow customers’ a sense of personalization and differentiation when it comes to their clothing.

When looking back at the previous year, 13DE MARZO reminisces about its debut at London Fashion Week, one of the world’s four major fashion week’s. The brand showcased its unique collection of items, presenting a fresh fashion concept to all that attended, being very well-received and loved by the audience. During the show, 13DE MARZO unveiled their 2024 Spring/Summer collection that emphasized the fusion of technological function, clothing street style, and brand characteristics. Although it is not yet known if 13DE MARZO will be participating in any fashion weeks this year, the brand has announced that it will be opening over 30 stores worldwide, selling selections of their unique designs in store, whether it be collaborative or brand characteristic designs.

Many individuals are anticipating 13DE MARZO’s newest clothing drops as well as collaborations in the coming year, as their styles continue to gain immense popularity. To stay upto date on the latest product releases and updates, follow the official website and social media accounts like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube of 13DE MARZO.


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