Gisella Zimmer: At The Heart of The Beauty Industry

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Gisella Zimmer Elite Beauty Bar

The founder of Elite Beauty Bar, Gisella Zimmer, finds that stretching your wallet to fit a beauty standard that is constantly evolving is not very sustainable. That’s why she created a luxury, full-service salon – or a haven, in our opinion – for all of your natural beauty needs at an affordable price point. With certificates in Master Makeup and Hair Design, Derma Lip Blush Specialist, Brow Lamination, Lash Lift Artist, and more, Gisella is the beauty guru you want in your corner.

What started as a desire to boost her services on social media with a new username, soon resulted in the launch of Gisella’s first beauty locale in Pasadena, California. With clean, natural beauty being a top priority for her and her staff since their doors opened in 2023, not only does Elite Beauty Bar have an extensive service list full of facial, hair, and nail maintenance treatments, but they also hand-pick products that their clients can feel good about using. Since the beauty bar chooses brands, like Jazzy France and ASIDA Paris, that use innovative technology, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, you can be sure that your visit aligns with ethical beauty standards you care for most.

From a personal standpoint Gisella shares, “I’m proud to say that these are the first Filipino cosmetics that are made in France and I’m proud of it as I am a Filipino as well.” Gisella’s upbringing also has also impacted her entrepreneurial ventures in the beauty industry. Being raised by hard working parents and in a Filipino background, the humility and kindness that she uses to navigate her business successes and transitions is often revered by her customers and employees alike.

What’s better than a business philosophy that ties beauty to health and comes from the heart? While many beauty brands on the market suggest that consumers can achieve their wellness and aesthetic goals from the services and products that they provide, Gisella invites visitors of the salon to take personal care practice into their own hands.

An 80/20 approach allows the expert technicians to perform treatments that supplement the home care routines carried out by customers in their everyday lives. By strongly encouraging aftercare, this helps to ensure that their clients can enjoy lasting effects from the services they receive. Crafting an aesthetic and wellness experience that is personalized to you is where Elite Beauty Bar shines. As an advocate for viewing beauty as a healthy habit that comes from within, Gisella’s expert team is here to help nurture your personal maintenance routine and encourage practices that allow you to be your best self.

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